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a derogatory term for police officers;
cop, pig
Undercover Officer: You got crack?
Street Hustler: Crack?! Smells like bacon up in here.
by lexicon June 15, 2003

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Jamaican way of saying man.
How you doing mon?
by lexicon June 17, 2003

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Italian for a black person. Short for mulignan.
Vinny: Hey paisan, you see that big fucking mooley standing over there?
Joey: Yeah.
Vinny: Check it out. He's about 6'5", I'm 5'2". I ain't no big guy, aight. But I'm Italian, so watch dis.
Walks over
"Yeah so I'll take a box of juji-fruits, a box of bon bons...eaah trow in anudda box of juji fruits ....and the nigga over hea's gonna pay for it "

Mooley: "excuse me little man?"

Vinny: "You heard what I said mooley, PAY FOR MY FUCKEN CANDY!"

Mooley: "Oh i see, you must've just seen ROCKY"
by lexicon December 18, 2004

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gaudy, flamboyant, and flashy in apparel;
wearing lots of gold jewelry;
pimp-like appearance;
by lexicon June 17, 2003

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bastardization of thought.
Used only by idiots with poor grammar.
Who would have thunk that...
by lexicon June 16, 2003

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the act of vomiting, throwing up, puking, or just being cool.
Stop garjiting on me garjit.
Man that rollercoaster was so garjit!
Dude, that bird just ate my sandwhich, GARJIT!!
by lexicon January 09, 2005

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Refers to Muslim-populated Middle Eastern and North African nations, where, usually but not necessarily, some dialect of Arabic is spoken.

Note: Phonetically "East Slum" is close to "Islam".
"Osama Bin Laden is from East Slum."
by lexicon December 21, 2005

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