A chunky thot, a thot that is chunky. Basically a fat thot.
That fat ass thot is thunked.
by BigDaddyFuckboy69 February 20, 2018
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Thicc but thiccer
by MurDuck December 20, 2019
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The act of thinking deeply and/or for long periods of time.
Lee watched John as he stared ahead into space, his face tense with thought.

"Wow, some serious thunking going on there, John. What's on your mind?"
by stark_source February 4, 2010
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*thunks is the opposite of thanks, instead of being thankful your saying your not. "thunkful".

*a sarcastic thanks
i hold the door open for megan, but before she can pass through, i let go, and it smacks her in the face.
i laugh ridiculously.... bahahaha
megan replies, "thunks for holding the door".
by hartley of the north September 14, 2006
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Thunk: A really stupid mans way of saying "thought"
I bet Chris Hansen never thunk I do this.
by Megan08 August 18, 2007
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When PreciousStoneTV is deep in thought about absolutely nothing that will help his current situation.
If you leave Axolotls out of water too long they become lizards... Just a thunk...
by ST0N3D_Y0G1 March 9, 2022
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