To completely fuck something up. To be completely fucked.
"Did you hear Dick flaniganned his new Prius? He wrapped it around a tree."

"We were flaniganed in the middle of nowhere. The Prius ran out of juice and we had nowhere to recharge it."
by micromanagedman February 29, 2016
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When someone is being very bipolar and foolish
"I'm so happy but I'm stressed"
"You're such a flanigan"
by deez nutz fam April 3, 2016
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a gymnastic manoeuvre in which the athlete uses the penis to control his direction of travel in midair.
he attempted a slippery flanigan
by seppafer October 14, 2017
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Taking a book out of someone's bookcase and preceeding to deficate (shit) between two of the pages and then placing it back on the shelf. A.K.A. "The Ultimate Bookmark."
"Jimmy Jillikers!!!" Harvey exclaimed as Otis paper back flaniganed his copy of "The Great Gatsby."
by Don Everest April 3, 2005
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