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One of your five fingers. That's right! It's a FINGER. The thumb is a finger, so fuck you assholes who say you have four fingers and a thumb!
I'd like to shove my thumb up those people's asses.
by Phlegatu May 11, 2004
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the only thing on megan fox that doesnt turn my penis into 3 inches of pure concrete.
oh man i was totally going to spank it to transformers 2, until i saw...the thumbs.
by ZBreezy June 28, 2009
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Used to describe the appearance of a very obese person whose face and double chin have merged into one unit.
No wonder Bill can't breathe, he's a thumb.
by FergusonTO35 October 19, 2010
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The unattractive and/or short and/or fat person in a group that the others will eventually ditch before the night is over.
Don't worry, we'll lose the thumb before we hit the clubs.
by Nutrageous February 21, 2009
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small picture online, usually which can be clicked on.
by falln June 18, 2004
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The bump that forms in the zipper of mens' pants that is often mistaken for an erection
Girl: Look at that boner
Guy: It's a thumb goddammit...THUMB I TELL YOU!
by Kommander_K May 14, 2009
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