An overused form of the word 'though'
Usually placed at the end of sentences
That hair tho
by Free Amerika April 6, 2015
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short form for "though" Mostly used with teens and in SMS
person one: But you dont feel like that do you
person two: no but i kinda do tho
by minecraft-lover August 8, 2015
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Short for 'though.' Most often found in IRCs,IMs, and blogs.
Jeez like I saw this dude fall but he was ok, lolololol. Ouch tho!
by Dark Tree March 6, 2005
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Slang word for "though" and used far too often by people who ride fixie bikes, hypebeasts, and any other person(s) who associates themselves with the media. More or less to followers of Drake and Kid Cudi.
Me: Wassup tho?
You: Nothing much tho? What 'bout you tho?
Me: Same tho. Wanna grab a bite to eat tho?
You: Alright tho! I'm hella hungry tho!
Me: Me too tho!
You: :) tho.
by realhiphoplives August 31, 2010
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slang 4 da word 'though'.
"i want that chocolate!"
"you cant hav it tho"
by carlz and lou June 29, 2004
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How illiterate people think though is spelled
by frabrizio December 17, 2017
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Old school southern ebonics.
Describes motion made with sphereroidal object...i.e. a baseball or football.
"Daayum!Michael Vick tho' hawd.You not careful...homie rip 'dat hand right off."
by L.MARTIN August 18, 2005
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