Titty Hard On.

Coined by William Boland in 1989. Although most likely used before then.
That girl was either cold or she liked what she saw cause she had a major T.H.O.
by Libraryguy June 25, 2009
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What idiots use to say though or people who are lazy when they text
That shirt tho
That hair tho
by Love itw May 12, 2018
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short form for "though" Mostly used with teens and in SMS
person one: But you dont feel like that do you
person two: no but i kinda do tho
by minecraft-lover September 11, 2015
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Short form of "Tim Horton's" donut shops, mostly in Canada. Also may be called "Timmy's" or "Tim's"
Tim Horton's is the largest donut shop franchise in Canada. Recently merged with Wendy's hamburgers. Not a surprise cuz' we all knew Wendy was a big slut.
Johnny "Dude I'm fucking stoned, let's go get some T-Ho's"
Owen "Sounds good, I could go for a double double, and a box of Timbits"
by Flo Tenace December 11, 2006
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Titty Hard-On. When a womans nipples are erect and can be seen through her clothing.
You must be cold becasue you've got some mad THO going on.
by Cartman555 May 11, 2010
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