A word people keep using to an anoying degree in the YouTube Comment Section when they are disagreeing with someone. Because apparently they’re too lazy to spell the actual word “Though” . Or they just don’t know how to spell at all.
*After watching YouTube video titled “Opposite world” showcasing male cats rejecting femal cat in heat*
Commentor: Lol Opposite world
Dumbass 1: How tho? This happens a lot.

Dumbass 2: I’m guessing youre a feminist?
Smart Person: He’s laughing at the title of the video, how does that make him a feminist?

Dumbass 2: oh ok didnt se the “(Opposite World)” in the title
Dumbass 1: *Chooses to keep quiet out of embarrassment*
by Sweet_Peregrine July 23, 2018
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the hottest asian you'll ever meet, strong sleek and sexy. his eyes are piercing, like a finely crafted Japanese sword. his body, sleek like stallion, and his flowing black locks can't be compared to anything other than a crisp fall morning where you inhale the morning fog and let the sun radiate your cold being.
a: Is that Tho?
b: with hair like that it has to be
a: damn, hes a fox
b: i know, right?
by patrick mcfinigan December 07, 2009
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Another word of "I think", "thought".

If ya wanna use "tho", ya've to write it always at the end of a sentence instead of "I think" that ya usally use from the beginnin of a sentence.
It wouldn't hurt him if ya accepted it tho.

Ya shouldn't run wit scissors tho.

It's worth a try tho.

I'm goin crazy tho.

Ya're handsome tho.
by Troy Beats July 11, 2016
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Informal spelling of "though"; Still correct, however.
Person 1: You've got a scratch on your new car, bro.
Person 2: No way, where?
Person 1: A big one, right there. Still a nice car, tho.
by Ramesses The Great April 14, 2016
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Usually used referring to having the courage to take a big chance or risk, and succeeding e. g. taking your shot.

A synonym, homonym, and Anagram of Shot.
"I was at the casino and thos.
by El Majthos October 03, 2018
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