When something tastes real good its bussin
Person 1: Hey what you eating?
Person 2: Toothpaste bruh, this shit bussin

Person 1: Wtf
by terahfox January 23, 2021
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An intricate expression used by scholars around the world to express an extreme and innate enjoyment for the food at hand.
Bartholomew: "How's the Wendys Ronald?
Ronald: "Thank you for asking sir, shits bussin, no cap."
by Dooftown Doofie April 16, 2021
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The phrase "That Shit Bussin" is used mostly by middle schoolers or tik tokers. when someone says this you should not take this lightly. this means that what ever (he/she/they/ze/ve/xe/per/hir/attack helicopter) is talking about is VERY good EXTREMELY good. like a sip of water at 3:23AM. many will use improperly, only use when very very very good.
"bro this booty hole is so good." "don't you mean "that shit bussin"?
by monke is king no capp April 5, 2021
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when the vibe is deteriorated by pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and the vibe devolves into shit and that shit is bussin
shit is bussin-bro, i was consequently eradicating my uvula. that shit was bussin yknow, not sturdy famcakes
by Skisjskajjs February 11, 2021
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ex. - food, or anything else (iykyk)
Friend 1 - is that popsicle good or what?
Friend 2 - this shit straight bussin
Friend 1 - I bet, iykyk
by thekaprisunstraw December 10, 2021
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Mid night sneeker gang meet up be like
by Benis my Penis May 21, 2021
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