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That trend on TikTok.
A person or people steal an item from school sneakily (commonly out of the bathroom) and post a video of it on any social media platform. (e.g. toilet, soap dispenser, urinal screen)

(I'm serious about the toilet) + It is also called devious lick.
Friend A: Hey, wanna hit a diabolical lick?
Friend B: Bet.
*2 hours later*
by thekaprisunstraw September 17, 2021
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the kid that is too nervous to ask questions because they'll overthink everything/be nervous about how someone will react. also, the kid that some people say has "bad intentions" or is depressed.

they overthink too many things and hate when people say "oh he talks" or anything similar to that.
also, they don't like to talk with other people because they'll either stammer over their words because they're anxious/overthink normal scenarios and believe the worst.

they do not like being socially awkward because it can limit them from future jobs/normal conversations that they want to have.
they in fact do not know the definite reason why they're quiet, and when people ask why they're quiet, they shrug their shoulders or say "IDK".

quiet kids are typically smart and they may also have a friend(s) that they awkwardly (not rudely) talk to and wish they could have more friends and be more verbal but their nervousness and amount of overthinking make it appear impossible. the quiet kid could be the person who has encountered when a person is passing out papers and they say

"(quiet kid's name) is in this class? he never talks." they also try to speak loud enough for everyone to hear but wind up being too quiet.
quiet kid - *getting ready to talk to teacher*
quiet kids mind - *going over every possible reply in their head trying to be prepared for every one of them*
quiet kid - ah, fuck it.
by thekaprisunstraw October 30, 2021
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#teamseas is a worldwide movement powered by MrBeast and Mark Rober. The goal of #teamseas is to raise 30 million dollars to remove 30 million pounds of trash piled into the oceans, rivers, beaches, and more.

Every 1 dollar donated equals 1 pound of trash removed from these bodies of water.

Many YouTube originators and influencers have urged their viewers to partake in this influential movement.

In addition, both individuals have invented a robotic machine that goes throughout the waters, cleaning out trash.

visit - teamseas.org on Safari, Google, or any trusted browser to donate.
Mark R. - Go donate to #teamseas!!
MrBeast - We now have a cool machine that helps with the trash. Thank you, The Ocean Cleanup!
by thekaprisunstraw October 30, 2021
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the meme you see on almost every youtube video
in other words,
a reporter asked Russell Westbrook a question about his basketball match against the Jazz team and Russell Westbrook responded with "what?! bro what are you talking about man?"
Reporter: "Russell, did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?"
Russell: "what, bro what are you talking about man" (w/o punctuation)
"bro, I'm out man. yall trippin"
by thekaprisunstraw September 10, 2021
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i have no idea. it's irritating, but when you see your definition up there, it'll probably be worth it.

to the urban dictionary admin., hurry the hel-
friend: "hey, why does it take urban dictionary so long to approve my definition?"
me: i have no idea man.
by thekaprisunstraw November 04, 2021
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djfaboloso is the most high-grade DJ in the world. he was introduced through IBP (Ireland Boys Productions).

he is also called dj sus-aloso, dj fab, Fabian Garcia Jr., the goat, the person who always throws up, Mia's dad, and the sussiest DJ in the world.
NCK: how many popsicles can you fit into your mouth?
One-hit: AYYOO!
Djfaboloso: "they don't call me DJ sus-aloso for nothing."
Health benefits: AYYOO!
*everyone laughs*
by thekaprisunstraw September 10, 2021
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ex. - food, or anything else (iykyk)
Friend 1 - is that popsicle good or what?
Friend 2 - this shit straight bussin
Friend 1 - I bet, iykyk
by thekaprisunstraw December 09, 2021
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