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Older term used when you forget or don't know the name of something. Same as saying whatchamacallit.
Quick hand me that thingamabobber!
You mean the screwdriver?

We used to have fun on that watchamacallit.
The roller coaster?
by thedzone October 12, 2009
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When you can't think of the right word for an object.
I was looking in the store and i saw this awesome thing-a-ma-bobber that allows you to see calls on your tv
by March 16, 2007
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A word used when in process of telling a story or giving someone direction of how to Do something, and at that moment you can't think of the word being used. Caused by a brainfart
On the way home we have got to stop by the thingamabobber , were out of toilet paper.
by Tha1and0nly August 28, 2016
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"He had way too much to drink last night. He actually whipped out his thingamabobber on the middle of the dance floor thinking it would help him bring home some young ladies."
by Gmackerel September 16, 2009
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