-Weak skinned or weak willed.
-the equivalent of calling someone a pussyboi
"Shit dude, you ain't asked out that girl you like yet?! You're so thin in the skin."
by kabootyhole98 December 12, 2017
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Quick to take offense. Other words used to define the phrase are sensitive and defensive. The phrase "thin-skinned" is derived from the idea that such people are easy to attack as their skin is too thin to offer protection from assault.
The media exercised great caution when editorializing the words of the thin-skinned president to avoid acts of retribution from the IRS.
by Rollo & Biff March 26, 2008
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A person who presents themselves as a skin head and says their a skin head but are really a sensitive pussy with a weakness for bunnies and chocolate. Their skin also does tear like paper.
Holy shit, get that skin head out of hear

No he's cool, his right ear is pierced, he's just a thin skin
by ThatNakedGuy August 29, 2010
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A Thin-Skinned Muslim is one that gets quite upset and violent over any perceived slight against Islam. His counterparts around the world include, but are not limited to, the Thin-Skinned Christian and the Thin-Skinned Jew. None is a credit to his chosen faith.

The Thin-Skinned person is afraid of himself and is afraid for his place in the world. He suffers perversely from a lack of faith. That leads him to grotesque behaviour as a means of attempting to deal with life. In the process, he misses the true beauty and peace that Allah God Yahweh has granted in the miracle of life on Earth. True believers weather any issues with perspective knowing that their solid faith will provide a strong pillar of support. Life after all, does go on.

In a more modern, less fearful community, that fear-based reaction would fade away over time as the reality of dealing in the modern, post-medieval world sank in.

Some may say that the Thin-Skinned person isn't only fearful, but somewhat retarded. How else does one explain objectively the lack of rational thought, or the lack of ability to discern logical arguments or demagoguery, whenever those might present themselves? Perhaps that is too harsh a view, as the retardation may be merely a manifestation of ignorance, in-breeding or lack of education and exposure to the world. Perhaps it is fundamentally a lack of personal responsibility to lead an adult life.

He may be the analog of an English football hooligan or an American football fanatic, or an Israeli ultra-orthodox, each of which attempts repeatedly to lose himself in the greater perceived drama of a misunderstood belief that is elevated to mythic proportion as he attempts to fit into life.

Fortunately, the first and third types of Thin-Skinned person have the good sense not to compound problems with alcohol.

More confident and worldly people have greater faith in Allah's, God's or Yahweh's faith in and for them, and do not fear the Infidel, non-saved one, Goyim (a slur, anyway) or other people.

The world is big enough for those brave persons with strong faith, as they are not threatened by people that hold different beliefs.

Peace be upon the world.
He was a Thin-Skinned Muslim. He misinterpreted most statements and observations about Islam, and his disruptive and aberrant behaviour eventually led his neighbors to ask him to leave his mosque.

We used to have a Thin-Skinned Christian in our midst. He wanted to subjugate people that didn't belive as he did.

The Thin-Skinned Jew said "Did you call me a Jew? You must be an anti-Semite". (As if they were the only Semites in the world...)
by Lorenzo di Medici September 16, 2006
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It means you get offended by the smallest hate comment on a tweet, Youtube comment, ETC.
Dude i got a hate comment saying "you're video isn't that good" im totally quiting Youtube forever because of this.
Wow you have such thin skin.
by 11 year old May 28, 2021
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