English Football Hooligans' kit:

Chest: England sports shirt OR bare beer belly

Legs: Blue Jeans, or optionally tracksuits for the thinner hooligan

Left Hand: Brick. Preferably, attached to a string so you can throw it through a shop window and get it back without much fuss.

Right Hand: Either a half-full bottle of Carlsberg or a broken bottle of Carlsberg.

Fingers: Fake gold jewellery.

Head: Skinhead

Face: Temporary facepaint of Saint George's Cross

Feet: Reebok Classics

Pocket: Mobile phone to call other football hooligans to arrange fights

Mouth: Foul language

Cranium: A lonely brain cell
En-ger-land's finest export.
by ComradeDmitri June 11, 2004
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People in a *firm*

wear expensive clothes that appear to be casual and really cheap

Regularly meet other football hooligans for fights before/after a match while pissed out of their face

Hull City Psychos - the firm in hull - appear at every home and away game hoping for a fight

stretford end - location for all uniteds football hooligans
by ronniefan September 25, 2006
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An often unrowdy, violent and middle aged member of society. They hangout outside football/soccer stadiums and in local pubs and cause civil unrest. They often look for trouble and are very right wing, like Tommy Robinson right wing.

If they catch you wearing a shirt that's of another team you better get your ass out of there before they get that beer belly and whoop your ass.

Famously angry team supporters include the:

English team

Liverpool football club in particular

All of Scotlands teams

All teams in 100 miles of Birmingham
"Those Chelsea FC football hooligans beat me up, they caught me outside the stands"
by Kaisermann July 6, 2020
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