Typically known as the gay ear. Most gay people pierce the right ear rather than the left.
“Yo I just got my right ear pierced!”
“That’s the gay ear...”
by Lilthrillchill September 22, 2017
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The rule in which any male wears an earring in his right ear is deemed 'gay' or 'homosexual'. If they have one in their left ear too, they are not gay, but more expressing their feminine side
Jimmy: Hey dude, you think that Carl follows the Right Earring Rule?

Johnny: Of course not! He only has a piercing in his right ear, he is so totally gay.
by jAsOn'S dElI69 May 1, 2011
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Someone who's had sex in every orifice but the right ear.
Guy 1: That girl is such a fucking slut - I bet she's a right ear virgin.
Guy 2: Yeah, she was before last night.
by big zach May 12, 2007
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n. A gay boy who wears flamboyant pants and an earring on his right ear to attract same sex partners.

v. To have homosexual intercourse.
Did you see his pants? He's totally a right ear wonder.
His earring made think about right ear wondering him.
by jsdick100 October 24, 2022
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Men, who pierce their right ear are not homosexual, nor homophobic. Piercing the right ear shows a sign of wealth and also masculinity, the right ear is usually worn by pirates and invaders, also highly profiled criminals, if you were to wear any fake jewelry in your right ear as male, you were considered a homosexual, if wear an earring in your right ear it must be real gold (10kt-24kt) because your right is your strong ear and balanced, when being approached with the earring a man would approach you in disguise as a woman.
Hey I like your Right Ear Piercing ....“Hey boo, want to have a good time” ... “No your a man” .
by Snoop Capone February 9, 2021
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