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Among us is a mafia jellybean game where you try to find the impostor but it has pedophiles,teaming, and annoying hosts.
The game is completely overrated now its just impossible to play in public lobbies,
If your with friends its fun but the public lobbies are a whole different story.
You got people named "Daddy" probably like 76 years old in real life, Then you have people who can't even win and their need their friends to join the public lobby since their incredibly bad, they will prob die in the first meeting of the game. We also have hosts of these public lobbies some are decent hosts, But some are just 8 year olds who got mad they lost as imposter and kick them, the kick and ban is very abusive because, If you give people power they will just use it against people and its just painful to endure. theirs also some terms that have been used a lot in Among us like sus, and impostor. This game has been getting more watched on twitch than the previous huge game Fall Guys, Fall guys is a battle royal of course a completely ORIGINAL CONCEPT that has never been used by any game. Everyone has heard of online dating right, like Roblox online dating, Minecraft online dating, well seems like Among us also has online dating yeah is sounds crazy but it exists for some reason. They usually have names like "Daddy" or "Mami"
or their reals names for some reason theirs also people who are SEARCHING FOR PEOPLE on among us to date
Overrated Jellybean Mafia Game
by 11 year old February 8, 2021
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A console for developers on Roblox that will let you type scripts named Require Scripts and other developer things.
Dude i just typed a script in the Developer console (Roblox) that turns on chat bypass
by 11 year old February 8, 2021
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A lego game that people still believes that it copied minecraft.
by 11 year old February 5, 2021
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people who are obsessed with a man who runs from his friends and also goes after anyone dream has beef with.
Im no dream stan! Just because i have a dream skin doesn't mean im a stan! Just because i have made fanfics about dream x george doesn't mean im a stan like those other dream stans you no life!
by 11 year old February 17, 2021
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L= When

Q=Sus 😳
by 11 year old February 17, 2021
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