An edpidemic sweeping in at least half of their definitions. Symptoms include putting your own opinion in definitions of concrete nouns, phrases, etc. and belittling the opinion(s) of any and all dissenters.
See Same-Sex Marriage, Scott Peterson, Macintosh, or any other subject that maybe be under even one circumstance a slight bit of a miniscule fraction controversial.

Um....there's also a bit in this definition.
by Geoff June 7, 2005
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The state of never being able to end the editing of a piece of writing.
I've been in the hell of editory for the last three weeks with this presentation.
by Navigatrix July 13, 2011
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(i.e. to be editorial) Regards filmmaking -- someone in the process of editing films.
"I'll go get our lunch so you can continue being editorial on your film for a little longer."
by G. Thomas July 26, 2006
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Conceptual and linguistic blunders made by a senior editor or managing editor, as a result of her limited content knowledge of the manuscript and poor grasp of the English language.
Rose resorts to office politics and apple polishing to make up for her editorial ineptitude in occupying the managing director position—she's been promoted to her next level of incompetency, where editors hope she'll cause the least damage to the editorial team.
by MathPlus July 20, 2017
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The inconceivable rejection a funny, original and often ingenious word, phrase or humorous expression submitted for review to the editorial staff of Urban Dictionary.
Todd: I understand your hilarious submission to Urban Dictionary was rejected. How does THAT happen??
Me: The only possible explanation is Editorial Buffoonery.
by OneStarGator July 18, 2017
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The top idiocy level that an Urban Dictionary´s editor can endure because of editing definitions sent to UD by mentally challenged teenagers. After reaching this level the editor, feeling suicidal, shows signs of slight autism, despondency, lack of appetite, and sudden episodes of acute withdrawal.
A: "After editing 111,111 definitions, an Urban Dictionary´s editor refused to edit one more def."
B: How so?
A: Editorial Idiocy Overdose.
by rperazag July 23, 2010
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