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A piece of metal wool used in a crack pipe to catch the residue after a rock is smoked.

Also known as a chore or a chore boy.
Make sure you burn the copper off that scrubber before you put it in the pipe.
by TheConcierge September 21, 2006
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A phrase used to describe the kind of people who ride trucks and dirtbikes. They also drink beast, go to vo tech, and like to sport the white trash 'stache.
I saw that kid Kenny from vo tech today. With his Metallica t-shirt and white trash 'stache, he's looking totally trucks and dirtbikes.
by TheConcierge April 14, 2005
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to fall in such a way as your bum flips over your head
Man, last New Years Eve you really fell ass over tea kettle down Clint's basement stairs
by TheConcierge April 14, 2005
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Properly, a flee market in the town of Rogers, Ohio. Could be used to describe any are that hoopies are likely to shop, such as a strip mall with a Dollar General or a Family Dollar. Also frequented by trucks and dirtbikes and people sportin' the white trash 'stache
You: I need some ammo, a knock-off Versace bag, a funnel cake, a 300 pound hog and some fresh Amish produce.
Me: The only place you can get all that is the hoppie mall.
by TheConcierge April 15, 2005
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A long thin instrument used to push a screen or scrubber through a crack pipe to catch the residue or back after a rock is smoked.
Grab the pusher. We need to clean out the back.
by TheConcierge September 21, 2006
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1. roach clip, tweezers, or anything used to hold a joint when it is too small to hold onto with your fingers. also refered to as a hemo.

2. A hemostat, also called a hemostatic clamp is a surgical tool which resembles a set of scissors with a locking clamp replacing the blade. A set of hemostats comes in several different sizes and types, for example, Kelly, Crile, and Halstead; and any given surgery may require the use of a number of hemostats. A hemostat is commonly used in both surgery and emergency medicine to control bleeding, especially from a torn blood vessel, until the bleeding can be repaired by stitches or other surgical techniques. The process of halting bleeding is called hemostasis. Hemostats are part of the first aid kit carried by combat lifesavers and paramedics.
I'm outta weed, but I got a few roaches lying around. Do you have a hemostat?
by TheConcierge November 30, 2005
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