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A Girl who is really fun to be around. She can be really loud but gets quiet at many moments leaving you questioning whats wrong. She just wants to feel loved and nights become really lonely as she reflects on her life. Shes very insecure but a little hyping her up will boost her confidence in that moment to 100%. She also has some moves and is very intelligent.
I swear she’s bipolar. Thats why she’s a Keke.

Whats wrong with Keke? She was just loud.

Wow. Keke can dance!!!

She is too smart in her classes. Her name must be Keke.
by Hilemoncake November 29, 2018
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An african princess that is very beautiful and shy, she is very smart and loves to chill. She can be mean at times but otherwise she is nice. She is very loyal.
Keke is so nice but also vey mean.
by Emiiy💋 May 26, 2018
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A beautiful girl a smart girl a talented girl and a sweet girl but she can also be mean at times she does not tolerate a lot of things but she is very loving
by Hot man December 11, 2017
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The pretty girl that no one notices.
Who's keke?
by yeap.yeap December 22, 2016
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A woman who Drake sings about in his song “In My Feelings.” Also the woman who we now have stuck in our head. Thanks a lot Keke
by lovedrake July 11, 2018
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typical go-to name for the friend(s) in the friend group that everyone dislikes, yet everyone continues to pretend to love them and hang out. Used sometimes when they're around, so it's not obvious they're talking about that person.
John: My god, Veronica can be so rude, I hate hanging out with her!
Amber: Yeah , well, she's our Keke.
John: Do you guys want to hang out with Keke later on?
Everyone: No
John: alright , she's not coming over
by Keke Expert June 8, 2016
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