3 definitions by Indi Go Violet

An expression of shock, surprise or disgust. Derived from the word yikes It is the gen y way of expressing yikes
yikers u freaked me out
by Indi Go Violet August 14, 2009
A process in which a false relationship between a counselor or psychotherapist and patient is created. The process fosters dependance and attachment and blames parents for all the problems that the patient has. The process usually ends in a painful abandonment and makes the patient feel way worse than when they started.
therapy was meant to help fo sho but left me feeling worse. Psychotherapist made me dependant on therapy
by Indi Go Violet August 14, 2009
On twitter when u write a small tweet. Or only write short tweets
don't have much to tweet a tweetle will have to do. She tweetles just to say hi.
by Indi Go Violet August 15, 2009