Helping someone get there life back after narcissistic abuse changing there mind frame showing them that there is a life outside what youv been through.
Help my mom with Therapy
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 9, 2020
the process one pushing on one's nose until you feel the cartilage...A.K.A. therapy
This therapy relieves stress without cleaning out your wallet.
by r.b.0186 February 17, 2010
a. “i’ve been through so many therapi tbh
b. “my parents don’t believe in therapi”
c. “yelena is so much better than all my past therapi”
by olliepocket_ September 27, 2021
A form of punishment for prison inmates that involves non-stop transfers between correctional facilities on diesel buses.
Ex. 1

'That's diesel therapy. When you fuck up in the system, you'll end up on that bus and you won't get off that bus. Cuz they'll lose your paperwork. And you'll never been seen from again. Eventually you'll get off, but you won't know when the ride's gonna end.' J.D. Rutherford, Prison Break Raw, Sept. 4, 2019

Ex. 2

Darjon: Hey fool! I need to get at the homey Sweets! He has my fuck book!

Will Bop: You're too late. He got shipped out on the grey goose!

Darjon: What he do bro?

Will Bop: He was bustin' the female COs cheeks! The Warden found out and gave that fool Diesel Therapy! He was last seen somewhere between Chino and Pelican Bay!
by ZXY&ABC November 11, 2019
A type of treatment characterized by immersing oneself in everything and anything that is created by or is related to Prince Rogers Nelson. Used by millions to successfully treat stress, anxiety and depression.
I just had the worst day EVER - the only thing that can help me is Prince therapy!

I have tried medication, yoga, acupuncture & exercise; the only thing that makes me feel better is Prince therapy!
by judi prn4ever March 23, 2020
Ohhhhh, so cute! It's when you are really stressed out and cute kittens just brighten your day and melt your anxiety away.
I used kitten therapy earlier, and now I feel better in dealing with school, parents, etc.
by Carbona Ramone May 4, 2021
The therapeutic use of male sexual reproductive organs to alleviate a number of maladies including; Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Agitation, Loneliness, Hunger, Thirst, Constipation, Priapism, Nutritional Deficiencies (Vitamin C, Zinc, Protein, Phosphates) and Blue Balls.
"Wow that girl desperately needs some Dick Therapy"

"Felt better after I watched some porn and had a little dick therapy"
by kingjazzy October 14, 2014