5 definitions by ESHDhanaura

A ch0mcci b0rb
That’s a ch0mcci eggducc over there!
by ESHDhanaura December 21, 2020
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The bestest boi of The Promised Neverland
The only wholesome part of the anime
by ESHDhanaura December 22, 2020
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a bard
hehe wind go swish swoosh
that green fellow from genshin impact
“Ventio, O Ventio, wherefore art thou Ventio?”
-every person who wanted Venti
by ESHDhanaura July 10, 2021
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-venti the bard
-from genshin impact
-venti the bard

ehe te NANDAYO?!”
by ESHDhanaura July 10, 2021
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everyone here needs an extreme amount of it
if you say you don’t
you do
i can see you.
by ESHDhanaura January 31, 2022
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