12 definitions by amypercy

so one time me and my friend were i. a test and the last question was REALLY hard and we both did the most simple thing (we just added the numbers together and you were supposed to do some equation bullshit) and we ended up with the right answer
me: did you get nine for the last question

friend: yeh it's deco wrong tho
me: yeah lol
*get right answer*
*shocked pickachu face*
by amypercy April 15, 2020
THAT middle aged woman with THAT hair cut saying she wants to see the manager
urban dictionary, you know what you did. i'm karen and i WANT no i DEMAND to see your manager
by amypercy April 15, 2020
Phil is a commonly used name to describe a rapist.
Omg did you hear on the new last night, there’s a Phil on the lose.
by amypercy April 18, 2020
something i am in desperate need for but dont get because i don't care about my wellbeing
friend: hey amy, you should really consider getting therapy or something, you need help
me: nah i can't be arsed
by amypercy April 14, 2020
Clive is a commonly used word to describe a pedophile.
Did you here about that 7 year old boy whose best friends with Clive, what a pedo
by amypercy April 18, 2020