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The greatest individual attempt at a sandwich induced orgasm. The signle most amazing piece of edible delight known to mankind. God's gift to the stoner population of sacramento. Roast beef, cream cheese, melted cheddar, and the perfect blend of tabasco sause and Beach Hut's BBQ sauce all toasted to perfection on a sourdough roll. Eating anything else is like wiping your ass with sand paper.
Beach Hut attendent: "Hey, what can i get for you?"

Spennny:"can i get a large woody, extra sauce, and a small drink"

Beach Hut attendent:"would u like me to rub your balls as well?"

Spennny:"no thanks, i'll have bricked twice by the time youve taken this order just thinking of how delicious the woody will be."

The Woody is my savior.
by Spenny Benny April 23, 2008
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