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a group of 4 guys from seneca that dance around on eachother and grind anyone in sight (including teachers). their music of choice is "Toxic", "Its Rainin Men", "YMCA", and "Macho Man". there's a contruction worker, a biker (he wears women's leather pants), an indian, and a police "man".
"I was just attacked by the village peole!"
by hahaha April 04, 2005
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A Homosexual singing group of pedophiles popular in the Disco/Studio 54 era.

One of their most famous songs was YMCA which of course stands for Young Mens Club of America and is a club for male youth which proves that fags are pedophiles.
Marriage was set by god in the garden of Eden to be between one man and one woman and later Jesus commanded to keep sacred the sanctity and holiness of marriage by keeping it between one man and one woman.That precedent is from antiquity and so it takes precedence over this stupid country.Gays are hateful anti-religious bigots and by their own songs they admit that they are pedophiles.
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