31 definitions by hahaha

short person, with a fat ass, and waddles...
Look at the Jahla going by...
by hahaha April 1, 2003
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Word used after an unfortuate event.
Shitbitch, now my shirt is shitbitched!
by hahaha December 5, 2003
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see the kid who never takes off his shirt he prolly has it
by hahaha November 5, 2003
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meaning to have extremly large boobs
my talanas are so big that it hurts my back to carry them
by hahaha February 10, 2003
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The Best fucking band EVER!!!!! They r totally awsome, it consists of three guys: Ethan L. Henry T. and Max N. Their place of origin is Oak Park!!!!!
Guy 1: dude did u Orpheus last night?!?!?!
Guy 2: Yeah they fuckin' rocked!!!!
Slut Whore Groupies: ORPHEUS!!! Can we have an orgy w/ u?!?!?!?!
by hahaha February 13, 2005
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one who liiks up urbandictonary.com on urbandictonary.com
ur an idiot for being dum
by hahaha February 9, 2005
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