Randy Savage. Legendary wrestler for the WWF. Also, former spokesman for Slim Jim. Oooooh Yeah!

Also has released a rap album....*cough*
Need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim! Ooooh yeah!
by CornBald October 29, 2004
The strongest type of Wario in the world !!!
Girl : Woah, are you Macho Man ?
Wario : No I am just Wario
Girl : Ok bye ugly fat boy
2 days after
Girl : Are you Wario ?
Man : No, I am Macho Man
by La Creatura 52 May 19, 2022
Sadly, this song has become the basis for the stereotype that macho men are homosexuals
by Bravely Folk December 10, 2003
macho man is when your tossing salad and you put your lips to their asshole and go
by rmag December 31, 2005
When you try to make your bicep muscles and pecs appear bigger by wearing incredibly tight polo shirts even when the weather is too cold for polo shirts.
Why are you trying to act like a macho man Niall?
by Bigforeheadboy October 31, 2019
After having sex with your female partner, roll her off the top bunk and proceed to give her an elbow drop.hot karl,golden shower,the angry pirate,glass bottom boat,cherry cheesecake
by krda April 9, 2007
A finishing move in sex during which the man exclaims “ooohhhh yeah” in a gruff voice.
My date last night was lame. At the end he Macho Manned me as his finishing move. Meh.
by Fuckfuckery September 2, 2019