To contradict ones last sentence constantly
Example of The ROC

"Man, I really want to go out tonight I have loads of money.....actually I'm kinda broke and I'm tired"
by Roc-e May 24, 2009
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A nick name for the small island of St.thomas in the united states virgin islands (USVI)
yeah man i here chillen in the roc
by Demoy June 29, 2006
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New Rochelle, New York - city in westchester county
Yonkers - D Block or Y.O
Mount Vernon - Da Ville

New Rochelle - The Roc
" im from the roc "
" heading back to the roc in a lil "

" the roc, you talking about jay z ?"

"nah new ro,"
by Cool Wave Jones September 11, 2011
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