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Serves as an acronym to the phrase "Definately Probabally Maybe" as well as its abbreviated form (DefsProllsMaybs). Usually said in jest or to avoid answering a question definitively, as each letter represents a gradually less assuring response.
"So Hedo, you coming to the beach with us or what?"-JJ


"lol well we will need to know soon because Rashard is geekin."
by MarlesTwenty May 23, 2009
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Disruptive Patterned Material
DPM : british three colour camouflage pattern. Britain's camouflage is 100x superior to anyone else's.
Yank ranger 1:WOW dude check out those brits man their camo rocks the world!
Yank ranger 2: Yeah man i wish i was british cos' then i'd be cool.
by CAMOKING March 18, 2005
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Distributed pattern matirial, so technicly any sort of printed fabric, but its really used to discribe camoflage.

some of you may think it stands for damp proof membrane, which it sort of does, but also dosent.
Dude 1: Dude, did you forget your combat jacket?

Dude 2: yeah, im just gonna stand behind you and hope he dosent notice that im only wearing an anorack in DPM.
by sporks forever June 22, 2009
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Dicks Per Minute - the number of dicks able to be placed within the mouth of said man/women in succession while under one minute of time. Is a test of endurence, stamina, and DPM abiity.

The count of one is the placement inside the mouth and then removal before the next dick is placed in said individuals mouth
Q was able to set the world record for DPM last fall while on the training trip.

Ashley has surpassed Kate in the DPM stint this time - but he keeps on trucking while the number in and around his mouth is on the rise.

W especially is found of the DPMJ record he set last fall during school.

by joeblowme April 13, 2009
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Deaths Per Minute, in various games, for example BattleField2
A: How much is your DPM ?
B: It's like 2.0
A: Hahhah, loser !
by N0Obie September 22, 2005
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DPM - Dirty Pussy Mouth - what you get when you go down on someone not up to par on having a clean pussy
Hey, why aren't you passing that J to me?? Because man you have DPM, go take care of it and you can blaze this with us, I don't want that slu's Disease.
by JayRyder April 19, 2005
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