The sound Waluigi (From the Mario Series) makes.
by Exodecai March 31, 2017
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Short for Wife Alert! When you and a friend are IM-ing, and the wife walks in the room, you give the friend a heads up by typing WA, WA, WA!!!

WA, WA, WA!!!!!
by turnerbrown August 24, 2004
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Western Australia: The best state in tha whole of Australia. Home of HEATH LEDGER and NO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!
And tha best lewkin ppl in the country too,of course!
Ohh ur from WA? Damn,ur kewl.
by Elyce June 3, 2004
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The place where Amy wished everyone merry xmas from in 2019
Merry Christmas from WA!🤗🤗
by SomeSortaExpert December 24, 2019
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Can you bring me some Wa-wa?

Man, I really just want to jump in that Wa-wa over there right now to cool off.
by Beeka Rootz October 7, 2012
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South Jersey's answer to 7-11, Stucky's and Circle K. They're only found around Jersey because everything needs to be close in order for it to be fresh that day.
Named "Wa Wa" for the "Speedy Goose" that canbe found every store's sign.

They're a large part of South Jersey's culture.
After the long road trip, he was overjoyed at seeing the first Wa Wa's start popping up.
by Stick92 July 10, 2009
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