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An underground rapper from the Seattle, WA area most notably known for his role in the influential rap group DPM.
Did you hear the new A-Roc song? It was sick.
by arownsu July 10, 2008
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An acronym that stands for America Restores Other Countries.

Also can be used to describe AP Macroeconomics class.

Invented by a group of AP Macroeconomics students at SHS.
Josh: "What did u make on your AROC Exam?"

Cole: "A 90, u?"

Josh: "80"
by A.R.O.C. March 09, 2010
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Best friend in English slang

Also used for slang English word for weapon
'He's my main Aroc'
'U got the Aroc '
by Broxi2016 August 08, 2018
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