Best city in New York State people love to hate it especially the ones that live here who complain about living here but none of them can afford to leave and ignorant people think their not part of rochester because their in a neighborhood in rochester labeled something differently...... little italy is east rochester.... people hate on aquinas institute and say it's in a bad part of the city.... shut the heck up becuase it's not a bad part just some of the people look bad..... rochester consists of greece, brockport, gates, chili, victor, east rochester, henrietta, brighton churchville, spencerport, hamlin, hilton, pittsford, penfield, scottsville, and many more parts of rochester in monroe county.... stupid people that live in those part think their not a part of rochester for some reason... thats how stuck up people are..... great private schools
best private schools people hate on allendale columbia, harley school, our lady of mercy high, mcquaid.... especially aquinas institute and bishop kearney. GO Rochester, New York!!
by sweets2014 June 14, 2012
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