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A rectangular strip of pubic hair typically extending from the top of the pussy toward the navel. Widths may vary, as a micro or thin landing strip is typically 1/4" to a 1/2" wide, whereas a wide landing strip may be as much as 2" wide, often coinciding with the width of the thigh gap. The sides are always trimmed off straight and the hair length is keep short but not shaved. A man whose specialty is getting his woman up onto the Big O Plateau quickly and has the stamina for hours long subsequent Australian kissing, is typically picky about having a well-manicured landing strip. It is called a landing strip by men and aussie plateauers because it is indicative of the aussie kissers tongue coming in for a landing, much like an airplane touching down on the tarmac.
Since my new girlfriend enjoys australian kissing so much, I bought a nice new bikini line trimmer to help trim her bush down to be more like the landing strip which was much nicer, neater, and more presentable, so I could get her up onto the big O plateau quickly without getting loose hairs in my mouth.
by TallandThick November 11, 2013
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