Me and my buddy rolled my truck this weekend we were getting loose as fuck
by Knoch October 17, 2013
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(Mostly phrased to women)To tell a person to go wild,crazy and to do anthing....and that means anything!
"Like dem girls on dat Tip Drill video"... "Let me see you get loose!!!"

-T.I.feat. Nelly
Get Loose
by Kevin Jones January 27, 2005
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getting nasty and doing anything sexual
yo mama get loose for a dub
by ezzy22 May 7, 2010
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the act of consuming grey goose
"you wanna get loose?" interpretation "you wanna drink some grey goose and get f'd up?"
by ghetto vaquero December 30, 2005
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an expression used by club and pub goers in canberra AUS. to go to MOOSEHEADS in civic and get drunk and pick up loads of digits
gazza: hey mate are you gonna hit the moose tonight?

Willy: yea maaate, im getting loose as a goose at the moose . birds gonna be all over me
by t-pana September 4, 2009
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A euphemism for masturbation evoking the appearance of the masturbator as viewed while looking through a window, or seen from the waist up.
One would think by the amount of times I've been caught getting my shoulders loose I'd learn to close my blinds at home. NOPE, busted again........At least the neighbor girls had a good laugh
by keepitloose September 18, 2012
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