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The I.J.N. Yamato was the worlds largest, heaviest, fastest battleship in the world, armed with 9 18" deck cannons, it weighed 75,000 tons, and had a top speed of 28knts. But it was sunk using airpower, and was the last battleship to see action.
The Yamato had suprem fire-power, but it was no match against American airpower.
by Minority July 26, 2006
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The best thing on Earth. I have a 1gig black nano and I need a bigger one! I love iPod's. A must buy for anyone that has a lot of music but has to be on the computer to listen to it. Not much money for something as good as an iPod. Mine was only $240 Canadaian dollars WITH THE 3-YEAR WARRENTY!!!! Mine has a name, it's name is Zelda.
Dude#1 - Hey, whats up?

Dude#2 - Just bought an iPod.

Dude#1 - Why would you waste money on one of those?

Dude#2 - I didn't waste anything, I spent good money on something i'll use forever you idiot.
by Minority September 15, 2006
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Thrust Vectoring is a thing used on modern fighters for extra manuverability. In TV(Thrust Vec), the two nozzels for the after burner are made into the controls for the aircraft so they move with the alerons and the elevators. The first aircraft to use thrust vec was the Russian Su-37 "Terminator", however, when the Americans saw thrust vec on the Russian planes, they "borrowed" the idea, then, they took all the credit for being the first to have it even though they weren't. The ability of thrust vec greatly increses the mobility of the aircraft, alowing it to be able to do manuvers other planes can only dream of doing.
The pilot with the thrust vectoring on his plane out turned the other pilot.
by Minority September 23, 2006
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The Wyvern, a two legged winged dragon-like mythical creature, always having only two legs and two wings. However, in the game, Doungeons & Dragons, some Mountain (Earth) Wyvern's are shown with two hind legs, aswell as two fore legs. The four basic types of Wyvern are as follows: Mountain Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Water (Sea) Wyvern, and the Forest Wyvern. The sub catagories for the Mountain Wyvern (Most common also Earth) are the Red Wyvern, the Black Wyvern, the Gold Wyvern, the Copper Wyvern, the White Wyvern, the Silver Wyvern, the Gold Wyvern, and the very rare Green Mountain Dragon, almost as rare as the Red Forest Wyvern. Mountain Wyvern's are also the largest Wyvern's, with the Red, Black, and White Wyvern's being the only Wyvern's larger then a Red Dragon. The forest Wyvern's are the Green Wyvern's, and the extremely rare, Red Forest Wyvern, the most rare Wyvern. The fire Wyvern's are the Red Wyvern, Black Wyvern, the Brass Wyvern, and the Copper Wyvern. The Water, or Sea Wyvern's are the Blue Wyvern's, and the White Wyvern. Here is a list of all the sub-catagory Wyvern's: Red Wyvern, Green Wyvern, Black Wyvern, White Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Copper Wyvern, Gold Wyvern, Silver Wyvern, Brass Wyvern. The Red, Black, Copper, and Brass Wyvern's are the only four types of Wyvern known to be able to breath fire.
The Black Wyvern flew past and coated the sky in darkness.
by Minority September 15, 2006
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The true meaning to the word "ace" is as follows: A fighter pilot that has at least 5 air kills, when a pilot has shot down at least 5 enemy aircraft, a ceremony or party is then held, and he/she gets their "ace" wings.
Pilot #1- Look at that ace, he's getting all the glory.
Pilot #2- Just be happy happy he's on our side, he's one hell of an ace pilot!
by Minority July 3, 2006
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One of the worlds fastest intercept jet fighters, capable of over Mach 3. Though not as advanced as the MiG-29, or any of the mighty Sukhoi aircraft. The MiG-31 is a long range fast attack and intercept fighter, with more hten 20 hardpoints for missiles, bombs, and everyother type of thing that go boom when they hit something, along with it's ability to be able to out run almost any missile, almost every missile the U.S. has, make the normal MiG-31 "Foxhound" a deadly opponant. However, later after the MiG-31, MiG started making the MiG-31M "Super Foxhound" or "Fox Hound Mk. II" which had improved avionics, improved nozzels, and many more improvements which made the MiG-31M far greater then the MiG-29, and even some Sukhoi aircraft, along with many of the modern U.S. planes. The improved engines boosted the 31M's top speed to Mach 3.4!!!!! It also had, newly made wingtips to house the massive EMP's(Electro Magnetic Pluse) which could jam all electronics near it, excluding the host aircraft. Unlike most modern U.S. fighter, the Russian MiG-31 and MiG-31M don't need stealth to do their job, because, well, who needs stealth when you can go in, and get out without them even knowning you were there until they got the three massive sonic booms eh?
I was in my MiG-31 and a stupid American pilot came up in his F-15 and fired off all his ammo, I just gunned the throttle and out ran it all, then turned around and whooped his ass!
by Minority September 23, 2006
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The most kickass airport in the world.

Vancouver, B.C., International Airport. Also called the "Gateway to the Pacific" as it has more trans-pacific flight than any other west coast airport.

CYVR is the second busiest Canadian airport with 17.5 million passengers and 326,026 movements in 2007, behind CYYZ, Toronto Pearson.

Continuously named "Best North American Airport", "Best Canadian Airport", "Most organized North American Airport", among other things.

"WestJet 043, Calgary Clearance, cleared to Vancouver CYVR as filed. Climb runway heading altitude 7,000."
by Minority April 23, 2008
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