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(adjective) term used to describe a person or object in a postive manner. similar to "the bomb" or "the shit", means the object in question is cool.
"that girl over there is totally showing off the goods; she thinks she's the cat's pajamas."
by Mr Bo Jangles July 04, 2005
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its a cheesy and kind of old way of something is cool
1) Lets go to Luxor cafe, that place is the cats pajamas!

2) A: I found a 100 bucks in my pocket.
B: Thats the cats pajamas, man/woman!
by OxfordEnglishDictionary January 03, 2009
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1920s slang... someone or something wonderful or remarkable.

The other definition says it's from the '50s... In the 50s, there was a strong nostalgic fad of everything 1920s, which is why this term may have been thought of as from the '50s.
by Gregory May February 13, 2012
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