A sex act in which a female is on her knees as she pleasures four males simultaneously; one vaginally/anally, one orally and two manually. The males then proceed to high-five each other, forming the shape of a pyramid.
Laura was tired of a traditional gangbang so she decided to Luxor four guys instead.
by TCL1 April 1, 2009
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One who is l33t. Especially in the game, Counter-Strike.
Who is the l33test in Counter-strike? Luxor.
by Me December 22, 2002
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to be very lucky
that noob is luxor
by john February 19, 2003
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The retarded version of saying lucky.
Often used by people playing online first person shoot-em ups. Alot of the time used instead of haxor to describe someone who is good or suspicious because most people find being called a haxor a compliment they just want to try and degrade them or arouse intrest from other players into thinking the person is a haxor by calling them a luxor
"I was playing Counter-Strike the other day and somone got a moving full zoomed AWP headshot though a wall, da luxor"
by John March 23, 2003
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A word coined by people that try and turn their retardation into a cool thing by making their inability to spell something of admiration.
Guy: I am a l33t lux0r hax0r d00d.
Other guy: Yeah? Well, I had sex with your mom.
by ElfJuice March 28, 2004
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term used to describe someone used by video game/computer nerds that spend entirely too much time on the computer and too little time living a meaningful existance.
Man A - That kid is luxor!
Man B - You can't get laid!
Man A - So... who needs sex when I'm going to level up!
by Batswana Bob January 8, 2005
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