A sexual act in which the male finishes off by penatrating the female anally. He ejaculates in said females asshole. He then pulls his penis out of the cornhole and begins to eat out the females ass, cleaning it in a way that no badet could ever compete with. Much more effective and life essential than simply Car Washing your companion (eating an ejaculate free butthole). Hence the term "The Works." This term is a shortened version of the full name act known as "Car Wash with the Works."
Matt: "So how did it go with Priscilla last night"

Joseph: "Dude, it was truly worth the wait man. She fucked me like a pornstar. I was my usual horse like self."

Matt: "That's sick man, tell me she was down with The Works"

Joseph: "Cmmmmmaaaaan Matt.... You know I live for that shit! Of course i gave her The Works!"
by JamesBostick1947 August 19, 2012
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(noun): The act of cleaning your partner's anus with one's tongue (whether the anus is already clean or not). Perform anal sex with that partner, then ejaculate in their rectum. Pull out and follow partner to the bathroom. Watch and laugh maniacally as partner excretes ejaculate into toilet.
Girl#1: I heard Leslie got "The Works" last night.
Girl#2: Yeah, I thought I saw her walking funny today.
by lcworks December 25, 2010
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