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The dancing demon Beyoncé sold her soul to
Anyone: “How can someone dance like that? It’s inhuman
Sasha Fierce: *laughs in the dark
by HairWithTheGoodBecky January 17, 2019
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a level above fierce, as compared to beyoncé's alter-ego in the video "single ladies" (because to be on the same level of miss knowles is not just fierce, it is SASHA FIERCE)
did you see aly in her new manolos? she looked sasha fierce!
by alyson leigh January 15, 2009
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Beyonce's new name (i.e; trying to attract press.)
"That girl is such a Sasha Fierce." Sarah said, pointing out the girl trying to get attention.
"Look. She changed her name. What a Sasha Fierce."
by AnonymousWithAHeart October 23, 2008
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