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Little liar was commonly used to describe children who told a porky. The little was added to make it sound non threatening to the wee nippers and it was often said in a sing songy tone. Little liar is now commonly used by adults to describe other adults caught out in blatant lies. Once called a Little Liar you are immediately made to feel small by your stupidity in not thinking of something more believable. Once called a little liar you are tarnished for life and once a little liar, you will always be known as that great big twat.
Why have you got porn on your phone?
I haven't!
Why are even denying it.
I haven't even watched it! Barry sent it to me!
You're such a little liar!

How tall are you?
5ft 1"
No way you're 5ft 1", you're only 5ft 2" with 3 inch heels on.
You little liar

Babe can I use your phone, mines charging upstairs
Why do you need it?
Why are you asking, what are you hiding?!!!!
Nothing, I don't need this, I'm going out!
You're such a little liar!!!!

She's denying she's had Botox!
What? It's so obvious!
I know right... she's such a little liar
by MJwrites July 22, 2017
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Like prison but without perks such as recreational breaks, a library, and drugs.
Dave discussing his options to Mike;

Dave ' I need a change, work is really getting to me'
Mike ' Imagine a life with no bills, no debt, no commute to work, no stress'
Dave ' Prison sounds like a better option'
by MJwrites July 28, 2017
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An excellent 1st class courier company that can be blamed for the non arrival of purchased goods anywhere around the world. DHL can also be blamed by anyone who has lied and said they sent you a Christmas present which will never arrive. Also birthdays, or any gift giving occasion you haven't been arsed with can be blamed on DHL.
'I can't believe you still haven't received the present I got you. It's been 6 months already. Never using DHL again!!'
'Honestly don't worry about it. You didn't know DHL stands for Damaged, Held or Lost.'
by MJwrites July 29, 2017
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