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The Everything experience. This can refer to food, cars, girls, and practically anything that has an option of providing a full experience.
Ordering the Works at My Hero indicates that a customer wants all available toppings.

A girl who possesses the Works has a fine face, personality, and body.
by Mira!!! January 31, 2010
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1) A combo of great face, ass, and titties on a woman, or in other words really hot in every aspect

2) Going all the way

3) Everything
1) "Daaaamn she's pgot it going on!"

2) "Dude, I hooked up with this fox I met at the bar last night."
"How'd you do?"
"I got the works."

3) "I'd like a bacon cheeseburger with the works...
because I'm fat."
by RobertOldhead April 03, 2008
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A colloquial term used by dipshits to describe the components inside any machine or electronic device.
Jimmy: "Dood, did you find out what was wrong with your puter?"
Billdo: "Somethin went wonky in the works. I got that kid off craigslist workin on it."
by Matthew Kastor August 16, 2012
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1. Start with a full once over
2. Checklist in Hand
3. Giving up all Control
4. Each and every piece is given attention
5. An encounter that ulitmately leaves you all wet
6. In the end you get a full rub down that has you feeling refreshed yet exhausted from being so pampered.
7. Repeat as necessary
I gave Jason the works last night! He was left with no complaints!
by SalRae December 12, 2010
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Cheap ass toilet bowl cleaner found at wal-mart for about a dollar. Half of the key ingrediants in making a bottle bomb.
Example 1:Yo dude hand me that bottle of the works so I can pour it into this 2 litre.

Example 2: Jesse - Hey Erik get out and check that bottle bomb.
Erik - Opens car door .... *BOOM!*
by ErikTheBeast February 26, 2006
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