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what one may say when frustrated or annoyed to the point that one gives up or no longer wants to complete the task at hand. Usually results in the task not being complteted.
Man: Please find a word that rhymes with 'orange'.

Other Man *after an hour of looking*: Man fuck this shit.
by Laurie *is hot* April 09, 2005
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What people say when they give up at something out of frustration
Mom:Don't worry timmy, you'll learn to ride the bike soon enough.

Timmy:Fuck this shit!! I give up!
by Big LJ October 05, 2006
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Commonly said when you are at the end of your rope doing anything at all. Normally after you have felt bitchy and pissed off all day.
Sitting at the computer surfing around when you just get fed up and say "FUCK THIS SHIT" and go to bed.
by ladydee7669 December 11, 2006
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The best way to comunicate to your boss that you're tired of sitting in a cubicle doing the same shit every day and you wish to be fired.
My supervisor: Noel! Do more e-mails, ur production is low!

Me: U know what? FUCK THIS SHIT!
by k@m0n August 24, 2008
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T-shirt worn by a person outside the CNN studios during the 2004 election results. While the cameras were rolling, the bystander opens his button down shirt to reveal the phrase "Fuck This Shit" on a t-shirt underneath. This was broadcast live and seen by millions of people. The person wearing the shirt is Brian Hayes and he is a genius.
If McCain wins, I hope the Fuck This Shit guy shows up again.
by John McCain's Latest Mistress October 06, 2008
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screaming, "Fuck this shit!," while taking a massive shit. If you say this then the shit is coming out nonstop and/or if it's diarrhea.
John (while shitting): "Fuck this shit! My asshole is burning up!!"
by theRealistt July 28, 2010
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a phrase one uses when frustrated or tired of doing a certain thing that isn't working properly or going their way.
Girl calls guy

Guy doesn't answer

Girl texts guy

Guy doesn't answer

Girl get annoyed and mad: "FUCK THIS SHIT"
by yeyeye11 May 17, 2010
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