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An unfortunate side-effect to literacy.
Synonyms: words, letters, boring, funny sticky things, WTF?
Lamar: "I hate having to read all this text."
Joseph: "I just see lots of lines and scribbles."
Lamar: "I envy you."
by RobertOldhead September 22, 2008

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n. An old person's excuse for e-mail.
"Hunny, did you get my letters?"
"No G-ma, I've been checking my computer for weeks and they still haven't shown up. Maybe the server is down..."
by RobertOldhead September 25, 2008

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1. A beard style that naturally grows on a bro
2. A beard which innately designates someone as a bro

-From chops to chin
-Strictly chin hair
"Dude, check that guy out! He's such a bro!"
"No kidding, check out his bro beard."
by RobertOldhead April 07, 2009

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Derived from Chinese for hello Nihao (你好) and the southern greeting Howdy!
Chinese Graduate Student at Texas A&M: "Nihowdy!"
by RobertOldhead December 07, 2008

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when you are so fucked up on mary j that you are so fucked up on mary j that you don't know what the fuck you're doing
1. "fuuuuuck yeah, man"
2. "dude"
4. "dude"
5. "I'm so fucking blazed, man"
6. "shit dude.
by RobertOldhead April 23, 2008

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adj. full of thought
Look at that jar with a brain in it. It sure is thoughtful.
by RobertOldhead November 07, 2007

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Internet slang for being excited about nothing! Or being excited for no reason! Typically a filler in a really terrible conversation.

Related to n.
Sarah(13:03): so.. yeah.
Ben(13:14): n!
Sarah(13:14): me2!
by RobertOldhead June 24, 2007

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