Second-most common word in the English language, right after 'fuck'.
by chadsuperhero December 22, 2013
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Definite article in English, usable for nouns of any number or in any position in the sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.). It indicates that the following noun is a certain particular noun (or nouns) rather than just anything of its sort.
The thief stole the bike. The President of the United States sucks.
by Eric February 4, 2003
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A very, very, very useful word that no one seems to be able to do without. Slightly more specific than 'a' or 'an'. Funnily enough, no one seems to be able to give it a decent definition either.
Person: What does the word 'the' mean?
Person 2: Why do you need to know? You just used it.
Person: What the hell? Did I?

Me: You just can't avoid the word 'the'. There's even one in my name...
by Phovos the Raptor May 29, 2009
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by that_one_guy_on_the_internet October 18, 2020
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literally the word everyone uses !!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is found all over the world
I found the word the in the magazine i was reading
by fnaf is the best November 16, 2019
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