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A compilation of names and reviews of everyone that Angie has had sex with. It's a REALLY long list, containing over 500 terabytes of data even when rendered in simple text only. Angie is a consummate whore of a housewife, who like most other uppity white bitches, likes to squander her overworked husband's money having a different room of the house remodelled every other week. Also, she has sex with the contractors and then rates their "performance" online. If you can't satisfy her voracious sexual appetites, she will put you out of business by giving you a terrible review.
I need a hot contractor with hard-working hands and a big tool to service me, and by "service me" I of course mean to remodel the guest bathroom. Maybe I can find someone to handle the job on Angie's list.
by chadsuperhero December 12, 2013
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My portfolio lost 22 percent of its value in the recent market correction. Oh, well: Feces occurs.
by chadsuperhero December 17, 2013
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1) To festoon one's testicles with colored lights, evergreen garlands, and tiny Christmas ornaments

2) To punch Santa Claus in the nuts for shortchanging you last Christmas
1) I wanted to make my girlfriend feel merry in the bedroom this Christmas so I decided to deck the balls.

2) In spite of being a good boy, Santa gave me nothing but a pack of underwear last Christmas, so this year I'm gonna wait in ambush in front of the fireplace so that I can deck the balls.
by chadsuperhero December 9, 2013
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A hybrid-breed dog that is bred for the express purpose of combining the traits of the two parent breeds, as opposed to the accidental or incidental crossing of two pure-breed dogs. A designer dog is not quite pure-bred and not quite a mutt. The popularity of various designer dog breeds over the past 25 years has been exploited by many backyard breeders, most of whom are unfortunately not seriously committed to the physical and psychological welfare of the animals they produce. In spite of this, designer dogs often make ideal animal companions for a variety of unique home and family settings. Designer dog breeds are typically referred to by clever names likes labradoodle (Labrador-poodle) and chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund.)
My designer dog Tippy is a chiweenie whose unique constitution and temperament is the result of combining some of the best features of the chihuahua and dachshund breeds.
by chadsuperhero December 6, 2013
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A rundown, government-subsidized rental unit that constantly requires costly maintenance. Usually occupied by sketchy foreigners whose names do not appear on the lease. Keeps the folks at NASA employed. What better use of an aerospace engineering degree than to be in charge of unclogging space toilets?
MIT-Educated NASA Engineer: The international space station is calling again.

Decorated Air Force Pilot: I'll prepare for launch.

MIT-Educated NASA Engineer: Don't forget the space plunger.
by chadsuperhero December 12, 2013
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What we sometimes called our miniature schnauzer when I was growing up. An all-around hilarious pet name for any dog with a medium- or long-haired coat.
Hey, there, Hairy Ass Truman. Sit. Now roll over. Now shake. Good boy! Here's a Snausage!
by chadsuperhero December 6, 2013
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Like Quizno's but with an extra special ingredient in the mayonnaise.
I stopped off for a sandwich at Quizno's but the distinct aftertaste of semen makes me suspect that it may have actually been a Jizno's.
by chadsuperhero December 6, 2013
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