The first, thirteenth, seventeenth and twenty-first word of this sentence and the second word for the acronym WTF (What the fuck?.
Chad: It turned out Perry was gay after all.
Tim: WTF? (What the fuck?)
by Aristarkus January 11, 2009
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A word that comes before other words.
Jess: What are you doing this weekend?
Austin: I'm going to the mall.
by jatkins May 06, 2007
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literally the word everyone uses !!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is found all over the world
I found the word the in the magazine i was reading
by fnaf is the best November 16, 2019
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Definite article in English, usable for nouns of any number or in any position in the sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.). It indicates that the following noun is a certain particular noun (or nouns) rather than just anything of its sort.
The thief stole the bike. The President of the United States sucks.
by Eric February 04, 2003
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