the is our god.
by the game man September 11, 2021
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Used to point out a specific now, while being unspecific.
"It was the cow!" exclaimed Jimmy.

"Which one!" retorted Alfred.
by I need a name, so this is it January 26, 2017
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stop wasting your time searching up things and get back to studying
the kid was wasting their time searching up "the"
by DasWonton January 14, 2021
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can be used before any word describing something...
1) hot as fuck now becomes hot as THE fuck
2) "she was hot" is now "she was the hawt"
3) "for free" is now "for the free"
by ghettopunk October 31, 2004
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1) A word that is nearly impossible not to include in its own definition.
2) A li'l piece of shit of a word.
1) Poop - the excrement of the booty.
2) Dude, the is the crappiest word ever.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 27, 2003
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