Definite article in English, usable for nouns of any number or in any position in the sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.). It indicates that the following noun is a certain particular noun (or nouns) rather than just anything of its sort.
The thief stole the bike. The President of the United States sucks.
by Eric February 04, 2003
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Why you asking me, you so dumb? Don't you know the meaning of "the"? And if you want to criticise me, try defining it yourself!
The person who searched up for this meaning is THE dumbest person alive
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by ur damn m0m December 26, 2019
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The Denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge.
"The" pool is cold extraordinarily warm.
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by Joey The Bro March 04, 2019
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Why do english people use this word unnecessarily often?
The is a determiner I learned in school
by Hummdrumm coffee coo July 08, 2020
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Paragraph seven, sentence three, word eight of the Geneva Convention.
Well, according to paragraph 7, sentence 3, word 8 of the Geneva Convention... "The"
โ€“ Peter Griffin
by Voodoo! October 31, 2006
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A word used to refer to the direct object in a sentance. Often hard not to use in the defenition of "the."
Why is this one of the most popularly seached words?
by Unknown May 22, 2003
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