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An uncurable illness which affects any organism that has a certain ability. This causes them to do use this ability whenever they can.

To put it in a simple context, why does a dog lick it's bollocks? Because it can.

Why did George Bush start the war in Iraq? Because he could.

Why does Madonna wear very tight and revealing costumes? because she can.

Also known as DBS, but unrelated to Dumb Bitch Syndrome.
Me: Gawd, I hate those sound effects Radiohead use.

You: That's because they've got DBS.

Someone else: DBS?

Me: Dog's Bollocks Syndrome.
by Phovos the Raptor June 24, 2009
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A very, very, very useful word that no one seems to be able to do without. Slightly more specific than 'a' or 'an'. Funnily enough, no one seems to be able to give it a decent definition either.
Person: What does the word 'the' mean?
Person 2: Why do you need to know? You just used it.
Person: What the hell? Did I?

Me: You just can't avoid the word 'the'. There's even one in my name...
by Phovos the Raptor May 29, 2009
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