When you are very inebriated on any substance (alcohol or drugs).
"Rice cakes can't get me absolutely fucking whoppered on a Monday night." - pisspantsman on TikTok
by AbstractLov3 March 09, 2021
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The act of throwing a burger (usually a Whopper) out of a moving vehicle at someone that appears to be hungry.
Youtube "Whoppering" for more information
by welovecomercials on youtube September 07, 2011
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A term used to describe an object of great bilk or incredible greatness.
ive got a whopper bruise on my penis.
thats a whopper sandwich.
by darragh woohoo October 15, 2007
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when u put chocolate on ur balls and ur bf/gf licks it off.
im gonna stop by walmart and get some chocolate so we can have whoppers 2night.
by Kota Hale August 15, 2006
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n. The brand name of an American candy sold by Hershey. It is a chocolate-coated, crunchy, bite-sized ball of malt. It is often sold in stores in what looks like a milk carton.
I'm going to the concession stand for some popcorn. Did you still want a box of Whoppers?
by thecandymancan May 31, 2011
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