a section of the mind devoted to sexually arousing things you have seen and use for masturbation
guy1: dude, did you just see that??!? that woman's tit just popped out!

guy2: yes i did. it's going up in the vault for later
by fyfy2300 December 4, 2013
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Hybrid energy citrus soda created by the Coca-Cola company. Released nationwide in 2006. The refreshing taste resembles that of "Surge", a failed beverage by Coca-Cola about 5 years ago.
Person 1 - "Yo this Surge is off the hook! Why do they call it Vault?"
Person 2 - "It's not Surge, it's a Hybrid energy soda. A trailblazer of sorts in the soda industry."
by Gunther138 March 23, 2006
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Vault is the new "hybrid" citrus beverage from The Coca-Cola Company. It's called a "hybrid" because it combines the easy drinkability of a soda with the "kick" of an energy drink.

Vault energy soda, is very closely tied to "Surge."
Surge came out around 1996 under the name of "Urge", and had a huge introduction. As time went on, however, the production and sales of Surge greatly decreased. In early 2000, hardly anyone even bothered to stock shelves with Surge. Around 2002 marked the end of the major production of Surge, and it fell hard from where it used to be. Although sales of Surge were discontinued, a great amount of consumers felt that it shouldn't have been. A great majority of this community went to great lengths to bring Surge back. A large petition site, SaveSurge.org, is a large community dedicated to bringing it back to shelves. This organization was started in 2002 and have been widely credited for the release of Vault. Surge is only purchasable now in Norway, and high-dollar auctions hosted on eBay.

Around 2005 Vault hit the market in select areas of the United States. In 2006, Vault soda was nationally released, and has since flourished in advertising and sales. Many consider Vault to be the new Surge, and others believe it's on the 90% region in likeness with its original. Fan sites such as VaultKicks.org can tell you more about it.
Vault advertising slogans:
"Drinks like a Soda, Kicks like an Energy Drink."
"The Taste. The Quench. The Kick."
"Get to It."
by Aith Haze February 28, 2006
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Its like saying safe, but only safer.
Tyrone: Man, dis chicken dip is safe.

Humphrey: Nah blud, ketchup is safe, this is vault.
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When a secret or an important piece of information is confirmed safe with the person you have entrusted it with.
"Sarah, I want to tell you that I actually have a Spice Girls doll collection...and I brush their hair while listening to 'Wannabe'."

"Don't worry Stuart. It's totally vaulted."
by Sahara June 20, 2003
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To have the developers of fortnite remove a weapon from battle royale due to it being too op for reddit soyboys to not complain about. Normally the removed weapon is replaced with a less-cooler weapon like the fucking hunting rifle that is absolute trash and nobody asked for it.
Autistic guy: Fortnite vaulted the homing missile, reeeeeeeeeee!
Autistic guy 2: Well us reddit soyboys got butthurt and wanted it out because we can't build lol.
Autistic guy 2: Change triggers me, i don't take major changes well, please be patient I have autism.
by PLAYERUNKNOWN April 24, 2018
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A kick-ass sport that combines Gymnastic and Dance on horseback. Yes, two of the most dangerous sports in the world (horses and gymnastics, not dance). It takes much more strength and flexibility than throwing a ball around. Thats why everyone goes 'WOW!' when you tell them what it is.
*vaulter doing an arabesque on a cantering horse.*

person: ... *wets himself with excitement*

vaulting is sweet
by suketa August 5, 2006
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