harness racing (the word "trots" being a reference to the "trotting" gait of horses)
At the trots it is better for the horse you bet on to have the cold sit rather than the death seat.
by yorrick hunt January 27, 2008
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One of a horse's gaits. It is faster than a walk and slower than a canter. It consists of two beats, and the legs movie diagonally - right front and left back and left front and right back.
Her horse has a very smooth trot.
by Financial Sockett March 15, 2008
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"Yo, I need to get to the bathroom, I got myself a case of the trots.", or, "All that junk food gave me the trots."
by Harry Dicks November 18, 2002
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Girls who aren't on the level of a thot yet.

These middle school girls sure are some trots.
Hanna was worried about Dillon cheating on her with a trot but he doesn't like 10 year olds😅
by Lakelife94 June 12, 2015
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A person with little social skills, usually claiming membership of a small left-wing party cult, who disrupts meetings and attempts though manipulation to get elected to positions of responsibilites.
Everytime the trots speak at the union meetings, people tune out.

When we wanted to organize our neighborhood, all these trots showed up from across town.
by wobbly February 01, 2004
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