When running long distances, you all of a sudden feel an extreme urge to poop and if you don't get to a toilet fast, you're probably going to poop your pants...bad! Runner's trots usually are a precursor to some nasty diarrhea.
Only a mile into the marathon, Jan got runner's trots and had to high-tail it to the nearest port-o-potty.
by no1justminda December 11, 2006
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Glue that has broken glass mixed in with it.

A term used by right-wing Australian students. Allegedly, left-wing students (trots) on university campuses, when putting up political posters, will break a light-bulb into the flour-water glue mix, so that anyone who tries to rip the poster down will rip their fingers up on the glass.
We can't rip it down, they used trot glue.

Good thing they didn't use trot glue.

by snozrap October 08, 2006
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The wet and ploppy diarrhea you get after eating a bad turkey at Thanksgiving. The "turkey trots" gets its name from annual Thanksgiving day charity races or "runs".
My wife shouldn't have eaten that turkey after it sat out all day. She ended up with a bad case of the turkey trots and ruined her pants in front of the whole family.
by The Dimps December 25, 2016
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a english exprexion to determen the making of liquid poo, it can also be used as a noun ex. that soup looks like the touch of the trots.
diarea looks like the touch of the trots
by bri rocha January 25, 2009
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Extremely obese person attempting to move quickly!
As steven was in full waddle-trot he sliped and fell on the way to the buffet line.
by Wulffman December 23, 2010
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